Terms of Service and Rules

The providers of this service ("we") are not responsible for the content of any messages posted. Messages posted express the views of their author only.

The DIPG Network (dipg.net) is intended only as a support forum for parents and families of children diagnosed with DIPG. It is not intended for members of this forum to provide medical advice. By using this website you agree that information found here does not constitute medical advice, and you further agree to hold dipg.net, its owners, creators, and sponsors harmless, and indemnify them of any liability associated with any medical decisions you may make based on information you gather on this website.

You agree to not use this service to post any material which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violates any laws. You agree to not re-post or re-transmit content from other member's postings without that member's permission. This includes content in the DIPG Network Digest that is emailed regularly to members. We reserve the rights to remove or modify any messages posted for any reason.

Membership is limited to family closest to the diagnosed child. The following persons are granted membership to The DIPG Network:

  1. Parents and legal guardians of the diagnosed child.
  2. Close relatives of the diagnosed child whom have been appointed research and/or caregiving roles for the child by the child’s parents/guardians..
  3. Medical professionals in a DIPG-related field that have indicated a willingness to support DIPG families.
Friends of the diagnosed child’s family, members of the diagnosed child’s community, and the general public are not typically granted membership.